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Our Clients Speak!

Impeccable Taste Catering was
amazing. From setting up, serving
our guests, and through to clean-up.

Corporate Catering in Toronto by Impeccable Taste Catering Inc.

Impeccable Taste knows corporate catering.  Our experience and focus on the corporate market in Toronto means that your next business meeting, lunch or corporate dinner event will impress your clients, your staff and not least of all, your boss.

Unlike other Toronto catering companies that will supply food for your wedding, bar mitzvah or baby shower, we focus on exceeding the needs of our 200+ corporate catering customers in the greater Toronto area.

Why pick a Toronto caterer that focuses on corporate catering?

Sure, you want fresh food, a nice presentation, great customer service and a reasonable price.  Who doesn’t?

But beyond those basics (which, quite frankly, any catering service in Toronto can offer), our corporate customers also enjoy…

  • Ridiculously fast quotes, even for special circumstances or unique needs
  • We’ve built flexibility into our event quoting and design process, so we can usually accommodate changes, for example, if you need to add guests in short notice.
  • Our relentless focus on delivering your order on-time (the last thing you need is hungry clients or a hungry boss watching the clock)

We understand that you have lots of choices when selecting a corporate catering company in Toronto.  It’s a commodity.  We get it.

So in addition to everything else that you would expect from an experienced catering company, we focus on the unique needs of corporate customers.

We know that your boss is watching and we’ll make you look good at your next event.  Really.
Moreover, we know how busy you are, and that selecting a corporate catering company is just one of 1000 things that you need to do today.

So go ahead, take a look at our unique corporate catering menu and, at your next corporate catering event in the greater Toronto area, your boss might just tell you that you do in fact have “Impeccable Taste”.

A little more about Impeccable Taste and our Executive Chef, Rodney Kaufman.

Sure, it’s not your wedding, but we still take your corporate catering events very seriously.
After graduating from George Brown College in Toronto with a diploma in culinary management, Rodney went on to graduate with honors in Advanced Cuisine from L’École Cordon Bleu de Cuisine in Paris, France.

Rodney went on to build a successful corporate catering company, Compri Food Service, considered to be among Toronto’s premier full-service catering and event companies.

Recognizing the unique needs of corporate catering customers in Toronto, Rodney now introduces his latest brand, Impeccable Taste Catering, which provides outstanding food, a remarkable presentation and, above all, the speed, flexibility and attention to detail that corporate customers demand when selecting a corporate catering company in Toronto.

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